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Cousin Jerry King

Jerry King has been playing country music on the radio since March of 1965 when he went to work at KBER in San Antonio, after obtaining a first class radio license at Elkins Institute in Dallas. Music was in his blood, Jerry picked up the guitar at a young age and formed a country band while at Harlandale High School in San Antonio (class of 1964). The great Charlie Walker was Jerry’s radio idol, when Charlie worked on KMAC in San Antonio. Jerry admits to wanting to be like Charlie and be on the radio. 

His radio career was interrupted for 6 months while he served on active duty in the United States Coast Guard. Upon his return to San Antonio he was given his job back at KBER, where he worked until Thanksgiving of 1966 when he was offered a job, up Interstate 35, at KTON in Belton, Texas. 

He took another 6-month break from Belton to work at KBUC in San Antonio during HemisFair ’68. After that it was back to Belton until the summer of 1972 when he was recruited to work at KOPY in Alice, Texas. 

Jerry stayed at KOPY until June 1975 when Max Gardner invited him to apply for the overnight position at KKYX. He’s been at KKYX ever since and during that time advanced from overnight DJ to evenings, middays, afternoon drive and the morning show, which he is currently hosting. He also became assistant music director under Max, until 1980, when Max departed the station and Jerry took over the music director’s job. 

As music director Jerry often welcomed new artists into the country music world on the radio, one of those being George Strait. The singer from San Marcos and Pearsall, the lead singer of the Ace in the Hole Band, wanted KKYX to be the first to play his first song, Unwound, on the radio in May of 1981. Jerry played the song on KKYX, giving George the thrill of hearing his song on the radio for the first time. 

Numerous other artists have come through KKYX over the years to the same reception from Jerry. 

Jerry hasn’t spent all of the last 39 years inside the station; he’s been out in South and Central Texas, judging beauty contests, chili contests, parades and the like. He’s also participated in parades and fund-raising events for a multitude of charities.

Retirement isn’t in Jerry’s plans. “I don’t like the ‘R’ word,” he says, intending to keep playing classic country music on the 50,000-watts of KKYX, covering 99,000 square-miles of Texas, for as long as he can.

CJ Gonzalez

Born in Las Vegas, NV, but raised in Laredo, TX till 1973 when we moved San Antonio.

I am the eldest of 4 boys, married to Sara for the past 30 years with kiddos Jackie & JR and two grandkids (doggies) Zoe & Pegasus. I’m proud graduate of John Jay High class of 80 and a UTSA Roadrunner class of 97.

I love people, music, gardening, fishing, reading, and movies. This all began when I was 9 and my Uncle Thomas Russo gave me a reel to reel recorder he brought back from Viet Nam. I used to pretend I was a DJ like my Idols Bruce Hathaway, Ricci Ware and Wolf Man Jack. My Grandma Viola Ramos got a Phillips turntable when she turned in books of S&H stamps. I proceeded to buy my 45 records and would record myself with the music. Several years later Casey Kasem came onto the scene and I knew what I was going to do. I used to practice announcing when I worked at a local K-MART, I was responsible for announcing the “Blue Light Specials” – Look up and around K-MART Shoppers that Blue Light is Flashing! In late 1980 I met a local DJ, Carmela Griffith, she helped me out and was able to arrange an interview for me. I started out in December of 1981 at 106.7KTUF a local Jazz station. I worked there for a year, then began my college career at Sa Antonio College where I began my studies in broadcasting. While at SAC I was hired as the Program Director/Station Manager of KSYM-FM 90. We took bold strides to play alternative music and with the advent of MTV we were the first station in San Antonio to mirror the music on MTV. We were able to offer several different type of genres of music. This format helped our students find jobs in radio market. In the spring of 1983 I was hired a 55 KTSA and I finally got to meet my Idols, Bruce Hathaway and Ricci Ware. In 1983 I was offered a position at 55 KTSA and then also did a stint at Hot & Fresh KTFM 102.7/103. I worked at Waterman broadcasting till 1988. I took some time off to raise 2 kids and receive my Bachelors of Arts degree from UTSA in May 0f 1997. In 1998 I met up with my good Buddy Davey Rios who was working KONO 101.1 told me that my college Buddy Roger Allen who was now the Program Director at KONO. Roger offered me a part time position and bam I was back in radio. It all began again on December 26th 1998. I’ve been at KONO 101.1 and KKYX ever since having fun and living the dream. Feeling blessed to play great music and to hang out with great people like you. Music touches every aspect of my life, I use music to remember life’s happenings. I love the interaction with people too, music and people the perfect mix.


John Welch

Born and raised in Odessa... done radio in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and more, but back home and not goin anywhere else!

Likes:  Among other things, Jeep, art, cigars, and my black lab Al.