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Shawty Lo refused to slow down before deadly wreck, passengers say

The autopsy report for a beloved local rapper revealed that his passengers pleaded for him to slow down before a wreck that claimed his life.

A report from the Fulton County medical examiner says Carlos Walker, 40, better known as rapper Shawty Lo, was driving at a high speed when he crashed Sept. 21 on Interstate 285 at the Cascade Road exit ramp in Atlanta.

The crash was reported just after 3 a.m.

Walker was ejected during the rollover crash, in which the report says the car fishtailed before flipping.

According to the report, the rapper had $16.35 in cash, Goody’s powder pain reliever and a bottle with his name, labeled promethazine, on him at the time of the autopsy.

Medical examiners said they found two pills in the bottle: one oxycodone and one hydrocodone.

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The report also indicated an odor of alcohol on him.

Two women who were in the white Audi A7 with him at the time of the crash told investigators that Walker was “driving at a high rate of speed and refused to slow down.”

Walker lost control as the car hit the grass near the exit and began to fishtail before flipping over, crashing and catching fire.

Walker was reported to have a large amount of money on him, and police officers on the scene let the two female passengers take the money after the crash. There were additional $1 and $5 bills spread around the area of the wreck, investigators said.

The two women were not seriously hurt.

Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.

He leaves behind 11 children.

Worst line of the debate, according to this set of viewers

The third and final 2016 presidential debate took place Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While both candidates came off as far less combative, there was one line that seemed to rub everyone the wrong way, including supporters.

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Frank Luntz, a Republican political consultant and pollster, holds focus groups of people watching the debate and rating their responses.

During the debate over the accusations of sexual harassment against Donald Trump, the former reality TV host repeated a line that he has said many times, “Nobody has more respect for women than me.”

According to Luntz’s focus group, this line was not well-received.

He tweeted during the debate:

Luntz also tweeted the response of viewers during Clinton’s defense of the Clinton Foundation, which was also not well received.

'Bad hombres' is the first trending meme of the final debate

The first trending meme of the final presidential debate: “Bad hombres.”

GOP candidate Donald Trump, who has from the beginning made border security and a crackdown on illegal immigration a cornerstone of his campaign, uttered the phrase amid a discussion of illegal immigration, and Twitter was quick to respond:

Parents: Teen spoke different language after near-fatal concussion

A Gwinnett County teenager is struggling to recover from a severe concussion that almost killed him.

The incident was Rueben Nsemoh's third concussion.

He told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas that playing soccer is his passion. He hopes to do it professionally one day, but it also comes at a price.

His family is struggling as he's unable to go to school, and it's not known how much damage has really been done.

A collision late last month during a soccer game has turned Nsemoh's life upside down. He was playing goalie for an elite Gwinnett County-based national team when he dived for the ball, and another player kicked him in the head.

Rueben's coach, Bruno Kalonji, said the teenager stopped breathing several times.

“I was in shock and panic, then he'd come back and he'd start throwing up. It was a sequence of things I'd never seen before. You thought you'd might lose him. I thought I might lose him there,” Kalonji said.

Rueben was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center, where he spent several days in a coma.

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“Our life has changed through this process,” Rueben’s mother, Dorah Nsemoh, told Thomas.

And when he did wake up, his parents said Rueben spoke only in Spanish at first, a language he'd never spoken fluently before.

For now, Rueben stays at home, twirling a ball and watching games on TV.

“Sometimes I daze out. Sometimes I feel like I’m not there, but I am,” Rueben Nsemoh said.

He hopes one day to be back on the pitch himself.When he does return, his coach wants him and every other goalie to wear a helmet.

“Why not start using it in practice and in the games so, what happened is everybody is waiting for that big thing before they start wearing the mask. We should try to prevent these things from happening earlier,” Kalonji said.

The family said the medical bills so far have topped $200,000. Friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money.

Teachers, brother help save 11-year-old's life

A Cherokee County sixth-grader is alive today thanks to his teachers and a nearby AED.

Doctors say Caden Cherry didn’t have a heartbeat for eight to 10 minutes. His teachers and family will tell you he is a walking miracle.

The last time the 11-year-old was inside the Creekland Middle School gym, he was on the floor in cardiac arrest.

“I don’t remember anything. I know we right here -- standing right here,” Cherry said.

Cherry was with his physical education class when he suddenly collapsed and his heart stopped.

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“I heard a noise on the floor. I turned and saw Caden there on the floor. Right then, I noticed something was seriously wrong,” said Coach Keith Fountain.

Caden’s twin brother, Cooper, was right there when it happened, and he stayed calm and gave them lifesaving information.

“Right after I scored, Caden’s friend, Will, came over to me and said, ‘Cooper! Cooper! Caden is on the ground. He’s having a seizure.’ I ran over and told the gym teachers that it’s his heart problem and knew that they had to get AED,” Cooper Cherry said.

Fountain set things in motion. He got another teacher to call 911, the nurse to rush to Caden’s side and to grab what eventually saved his life -- an AED.

“Everything went to plan, step-by-step, like the crisis training we’ve had here. It was perfect. It saved his life,” Fountain said.

Creekland Middle School Principal Dr. Deborah Wiseman echoed those words, saying their emergency training during their pre-planning was key.

“Only God knows how grateful I am. Really!” Wiseman said.

Wiseman says the school nurse she just hired performed a miracle that they are all proudly wearing on their #CadenStrong shirts. They read: Keep Calm and Believe in Miracles.

“He had no pulse. His breathing was agonal, not a regular breath. I did chest compressions and breathing for him in between shocks until EMS arrived,” said school nurse Chrissa Hofstetter.

Fountain was on the verge of tears talking about the experience.

“It’s an awesome miracle that we have the technology that we have to save a life like that. I’ll never forget it. It will be with me for the rest of my life,” Fountain said.

Caden has two strong words for his teachers.

“Thank you!”

When Channel 2’s Craig Lucie asked Cooper Cherry what his brother meant to him, he responded: “Everything. I’ll have his back like he has mine. We will be right there for each other.”

Man accused of living as a stowaway on Amtrak trains

A man accused of essentially living as a stowaway on trains was arrested in Pittsburgh, police said.

Javon Damian Jones went before a Pittsburgh judge Wednesday morning after Amtrak police arrested him.

Police aren't revealing many details about why he was detained, but said they were watching Jones as part of a continuing criminal investigation.

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Jones is accused of having nearly $7,000 in train vouchers, and police said the credit card used to buy the vouchers was stolen.

Police said Jones made a number of daily trips from Chicago to Washington D.C. They said he always traveled alone in a sleeper cabin and carried no luggage.

Investigators said his address is questionable, his travel erratic and they can link him only to a community shelter in Cleveland. Jones is charged with receiving stolen property and being a stowaway.

Police said additional charges are pending.

Bald eagle rescued by trooper on Florida turnpike

Troopers have to respond to many different types of calls, some dangerous, others rewarding. Both happened at once Tuesday morning on Florida's Turnpike.

Trooper Julio Velez rescued a bald eagle in St. Cloud.

The eagle flew into the path of a Jeep Cherokee traveling northbound on the Turnpike near mile marker 230, troopers said. The eagle struck the windshield and was stunned.

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Velez rescued the eagle and placed it in his patrol car until animal rescue arrived.

The eagle is now recovering at the Birds Of Prey Center in Maitland.

The driver was not injured.

Photos: Trump vs. Clinton in final debate

6-foot snake slithers out of Florida man's car as he's driving on highway

While driving down the highway in Dunedin, Florida, a man saw a 6-foot snake slither onto his car's windshield. 

Tim Mokwa, a Clearwater Beach resident, was caught in rush hour traffic on U.S. 19  when the snake came out from under his car hood, WTSP reports. 

“He just popped his little head up right over here,” said Mokwa to WTSP. “If you look at his size, he was longer than the width of my car."

Mokwa said to WTSP once he saw the snake pop out, he courageously pulled into a Walmart parking lot and then filmed the giant reptile. 

“In situations like that flipping out is exactly what you don’t want to do,” said Mokwa to WTSP. “The best thing you can do is just remain calm."

While Mokwa filmed the snake he said it "slithered his way back down there," but could still be inside the car. He closed the air-conditioning vents "to be safe," WTSP reports. 

Taylor Swift shares footage from Formula One rehearsals

Taylor Swift is blessing Austin with her presence mere days from now, and just like all of Austin, she’s revving up for her performance this weekend at the Formula One Grand Prix.

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Nearly two years to the day after her latest album “1989” was released, she’ll take the stage at the Circuit of the Americas for her only concert performance this year. It’s a pretty exclusive event, and Austin fans are stoked – and so is T-Swift herself. She posted a few teaser videos from rehearsals for the show on her Instagram account on Tuesday. A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Oct 18, 2016 at 2:25pm PDT

The teasers have given antsy fans a sneak peek into her setlist, so we know now for sure that she’ll at least play “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on Saturday night.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Oct 18, 2016 at 1:12pm PDT

And this guitar riff sounds a lot like “Fifteen.”

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Oct 18, 2016 at 11:50am PDT

One huge question still remains: Will she debut new music at Saturday’s show? All signs point to yes, as she’s been releasing new albums pretty much every other October since her debut album in 2006 (except in 2008, when “Fearless” dropped in November), so it seems pretty likely that new music is on the horizon.

Will she do a Beyoncé-style unannounced album drop? That doesn’t seem as likely, because, as my colleague and fellow web producer Maribel Molina wrote in a very long email thread among Statesman Swifties, “I’m a little more doubtful about there being a new album solely on the basis that I really think a surprise album goes against #brand. The advertising/marketing behind any TS album (especially 1989) is always really big and infectious.”

There’s also the argument that she left the Austin and San Antonio areas out of last year’s explosive 1989 World Tour, so this weekend’s show is a great way to make her Central Texas fans happy (at least those of us who didn’t make the pilgrimage to Arlington or Houston last year…#guilty).

Not to mention her longtime touring promoter is based out of Austin, so it’s hard to imagine that doesn’t have at least something to do with Formula One’s huge headliner.

There’s no way to know exactly what’s going to happen Saturday night, but one thing’s for sure: Taylor always knows how to surprise us.

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