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Brazilian construction workers find 30-foot anaconda

Brazilian construction workers were blown away when a slithering serpent wound up on their site.

According to the Daily Mail, the snake was reportedly 33 feet long and weighed nearly 900 pounds. Workers were forced to use a crane to lift it out of the construction site so they could get back to work.

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The videos received backlash from people who saw the snake was chained down during the removal process. 

“I’m not sure this is real, but if it is, shame on these people for killing it! A snake that big has probably been alive for a very long time now, just to be killed for a few pictures?? What a waste…'” one user wrote.

It is unclear whether the snake was killed during the removal process.

UPDATE: Editors are researching claims that the photo/video and corresponding story by the Daily Mail may be inaccurate. suggests that the video may have actually originated in a 2012 Indonesian forum. 

The current Guinness World Records record holder for the largest snake in captivity is Medusa, a 25-foot-long snake in Kansas City.

Grandma's selfie of husband doing her hair is proof of true love

Perhaps true love does exist.

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After having surgery on her wrist Amy Pennington’s grandmother was unable to do her hair, so her husband helped.

“My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn't do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her,” Pennington wrote on Twitter. “Cuteness overload.”

Pennington shared the image on social media, garnering praise for her example of everlasting love.

However, Pennington might not want to let her grandmother know.

“My grandma would be so upset that she's Twitter famous off a picture of herself in her robe with no makeup,” Pennington said.

Video: Woman dragged by car after fight over Walmart gift card

A woman was dragged the length of a football field by a car after she fought with a man over a Walmart gift card Monday, city police said.

Police were called to the Walmart in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where they found a 48-year-old woman who was in the parking lot with several cuts, bruises and a head injury. Security footage revealed she had tried to get inside the vehicle, but that it left before she could.

The driver was later identified as 27-year-old David Squitieri.

Investigators say the woman returned several items for Squitieri to the Walmart to get a gift card for him. When she brought him the card back, police said the two fought over the amount of the money she would receive for returning the items.

As he ran to his car, she followed, attempting to get in the car, according to police. On the video, the woman is seen grabbing on to the door of the car as it drives away. Police said she was dragged for 100 yards.

The 27-year-old later told police he paid the woman $20 to return the items for him in the store, and then she was supposed to give the gift card to him. But when she returned, they fought over the card and she hit him several times, according to the report. He said he was able to snatch the card and leave.

The relationship between the two is unknown.

Squitieri was arrested and faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Charlotte police shooting: Keith Scott's wife filed for restraining order, court records show

North Carolina authorities said that Keith Scott had a loaded gun when Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Brentley Vinson shot and killed him last week, and on Monday, sources told WSOC-TV that the gun was stolen.

Police sources said someone else stole the gun during a home break-in and later sold it to Scott.

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WSOC-TV also obtained a domestic violence protective order that Scott's wife took out on him last year.

The order, filed in Gaston County, said that Scott hit his child in the head with his fist, kicked his wife and threatened to kill them with a gun. Scott had a 9 millimeter handgun that he did not have a permit for and was a convicted felon, according to the order. It also claimed that Scott told his family that "he's a killer and they should know that." 

The request for a protective order was dismissed a month later, when Scott's wife said he was no longer a threat to the family.

The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating Scott's death.

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Dash and body cam videos released on Saturday show Scott appearing to back away from police with his hands at his sides. However, firearms experts told WSOC-TV that the gun Scott is accused of holding was cocked and ready to fire.

"One way to look at that is that he's backing away from the car," said one expert. "But he's getting into an area where he would have a clear shot at one or two of the other police officers."

The SBI will decipher what police saw and believed in the moments before opening fire. They'll turn their findings over to the Mecklenburg County district attorney, who will decide whether to charge Officer Vinson.

Is '#trumpwon' tongue-in-cheek or straight-up? Depends on your point of view.

There is a hashtag trending on Twitter Tuesday named “#trumpwon.” At first blush, you would think the hashtag refers to what it says it does – the assumption that Donald Trump won the presidential debate last night in New York. 

Unless, of course, you don’t think he won the debate and you are mocking the fact that he thinks he won the debate, and you’re in on the joke.

On the other hand, maybe  you’re not sure it’s a joke (and maybe it isn’t),  and you're  just left shaking your head --  or at least a gif you post is. On the other hand, it may just be fun to sit back and watch what everyone else on social media does with it.

Monday's first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle was the most-tweeted debate ever, and Trump did win that contest with 62 percent of the Twitter conversation from the night. 

Here's what people are saying about #trumpwon on Tuesday.

Those who think he won:

Surprisingly, filmmaker Michael Moore came down in the “winner” column (we think)

No so surprisingly, Trump thanked twitter users for declaring him the winner (if they did)

Those who wonder  why Trump supports don’t get the joke

Those who aren’t so sure either way

Those  who use science to prove it

Those who love conspiracies

Really,  just funny

But did he win?

New York firefighter killed when suspected drug house explodes; 20 others injured

A New York City firefighter died and more than a dozen others were injured Tuesday morning when a suspected drug den exploded while authorities were responding to a report of a gas leak.

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Officials identified the slain firefighter as Battalion Chief Michael Fahy, a 17-year veteran of the department and father of three children between the ages of 6 and 11.

"It's a very sad day for our city," Mayor Bill de Blasio said. "Tragedy has befallen a family, our fire department and our entire city."

Fahy was directing operations from the street after firefighters were called to investigate the strong smell of gas coming from a home in the Bronx's Kingsbridge neighborhood. Authorities evacuated one person from the home and both adjoining buildings.

The home exploded around 7:30 a.m., about an hour after firefighters arrived. A piece of the two-story building's roof struck Fahy in the head, killing him.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro called Fahy a "brave man" who was considered a "rising star" in the ranks during an emotional news conference at Allen Hospital. Nigro worked closely with Fahy's father, who also worked as a fire chief.

"We lost a hero today and our members are all saddened," Nigro said.

Nigro, de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O'Neil were with Fahy's wife and parents after the firefighters death and "saw the unspeakable pain when they were told formally that they had lost Michael," de Blasio said.

"(It's) a reminder of the dangers that our first responders face everyday, the dangers that the men and women of the FDNY face and the bravery in which they do their job," he said.

More than a dozen other people were also injured, including six police officers, nine firefighters, two civilians and three employees of the Con Edison gas company, Nigro said.

Firefighters found a suspected drug lab after they were called around 6:30 a.m. to investigate a reported gas leak at a home in the Bronx, WNBC reported. Police were called, but the home exploded before they could investigate.

O'Neil said the building in question was known to police. Two weeks prior to the blast, officers got information that it was "a possible drug lab, a possible grow house" for marijuana, he said.

Photographs from the scene showed bricks, drywall and debris strewn across pavement and over the tops of two vehicles. The innards of the once two-story structure spilled onto the street. The second story of the home appeared to be destroyed.

Authorities went door to door to evacuate neighbors before the blast, a resident who identified himself only as Jorge told WCBS. He said he heard the explosion and "knew right away it was this."

Barbara Nardo, another resident in the neighborhood, told the news station that she was awakened by the sound of the blast.

"I thought maybe it was lightning that hit a car or something," she said.

Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the explosion.

2 children found slain after Amber Alert; mother charged with murder

Two Indiana children who were the subjects of an Amber Alert were found dead Monday night in the back seat of a car about 70 miles from where they were abducted.

The children’s mother, 29-year-old Amber Susan Pasztor, is charged with murder, according to WSBT in South Bend, Indiana. She is being held without bond in the Elkhart County Correctional Center.

The body of a man believed to be 66-year-old Frank Macomber, a neighbor traveling with Pasztor, was also found about a half-mile from where the children were abducted. No additional details about his death have been released.

Autopsies scheduled for Tuesday are expected to confirm the identities of Liliana Hernandez, 7, and her 6-year-old brother, Rene Pasztor. The children’s bodies were found in a car parked near the Elkhart, Indiana, police station.

WSBT reported that a police officer leaving the station Monday night was approached by Amber Pasztor, who pointed him in the direction of a tan Mercury Mystique with her dead children inside. The car was also being sought in connection with the Amber Alert.

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The Amber Alert was issued early Monday morning in the Fort Wayne area, where the children were living with their maternal grandfather, the news station reported. Pasztor’s father told police that his daughter was a drug addict and that he had been granted custody of the children more than a year before the abduction.

Pasztor also has a 3-year-old daughter whom she left behind when she took the older children, the news station reported.

She was due in court Monday morning for a hearing on criminal trespassing and invasion of privacy charges. An order for her arrest was issued when she didn’t show up. 

Rare 'black moon' rises Friday

Stargazers and moon watchers will be watching the sky this week when a second new moon of the month appears -- sort of -- on Friday.

The phenomenon, which occurs roughly every 32 months, is referred to as a “black moon,” according to

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A new moon is when the moon’s Earth-facing side is engulfed in darkness, so it could be slightly difficult to see.

There is typically one full moon and one new moon each month. A second full moon in a month is called a “blue moon.”

The new moon officially occurs at 8:11 p.m. Friday in the Western Hemisphere, according to

Number of violent crimes, murders in the U.S. rose in 2015

After two decades of falling crime rates, the number of violent crimes and murders in the U.S. is on the rise.

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According to new data released Monday by the FBI, violent crime grew by almost 4 percent in 2015. The murder rate jumped nearly 11 percent.

The increase was most pronounced in a handful of big cities, like St. Louis, Chicago and Baltimore.

The report comes after a year of shooting rampages, police killings and violent protests rocked the nation. Similar incidents continued into 2016.

But crime trend experts say we shouldn't panic just yet. As the director of the Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice told The Guardian, "You lost 50 pounds. You gained back a couple. You're not fat."

FBI Director James Comey says the numbers show we need more "transparency and accountability" in policing, and we need to be having "better, more informed conversations" about crime.

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Donald Trump claims his debate mic was 'defective'

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump told reporters he was given a "defective" mic to use while debating rival Hillary Clinton on Monday night and questioned whether that was done on purpose.

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A majority of voters deemed the Democratic candidate the winner of the first presidential debate, held at Hofstra University. According to a CNN/ORC International poll of debate viewers favored the former secretary of state 62 percent to 27 percent.

But Trump came up with a possible explanation for his lackluster performance.

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"Did you notice that? My mic was defective within the room," Trump said. "I wonder, was that on purpose?"

Trump made the claim while speaking to reporters after the debate, during which Trump and Clinton sparred over the GOP candidate's refusal to release his tax returns and Clinton's email scandal, among other issues.

It's not the first time Trump has had issues with technology. At a rally earlier this year in Pensacola, Florida, Trump cursed and vowed not to pay for a faulty microphone he was given.

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"This mic is terrible," he said to the crowd as they struggled to hear over the pops and echoes of the mic. "Stupid mic keeps popping. … You know, I believe in paying, but when someone does a bad job – like this stupid mic – you shouldn't pay the (expletive)."

Trump and Clinton are scheduled to face off again Oct. 9 in a town hall-style debate in St. Louis.

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